System Introduction

We are always pursuing faster and more professional
Low cost and fast launch in 7 days

Deploy and go online in 7 days


Speedy Setup with Full Functions

User friendly operational & marketing* setting tools enable speedy setup and adjustments when needed* supporting promotion campaign and channel exploring related.


Zero Initial Costs to Start With

Cloud based implemented as starter package with ZERO system setup fee. Minimizing the initial costs of business.


Standard API package

Supporting trading end custom developments through API connections and providing flexibility on hardware resources depending on the actual usage required.

CATS Trading System

CATS Trading System


  • Server rooms are all over the world
  • Bank-level data encryption to ensure the security of customer data and transaction data


  • Up to 10000TPS transaction performance, 0.0001 second fast transaction
  • Provide fast payment gateway, deposit can be done in one click on App


  • Android, IOS, WEB, H5 full coverage
  • More than 4000 financial product quotations
  • Switch between real and simulated accounts with one click, change trading scenarios at any time
  • Automatically save transaction records and can be inquired at any time
  • Provide message reminders for transactions, deposits and withdrawals


  • Provide industry information analysis, financial event reminder, market data reference and other functions

BO Settings

Customer Management

  • Group by customer type (eg. deposit volume, transaction volume)
  • Enable or disable according to account risk
  • Upload and save customer information and internal review

Funds setting

  • Check and approve customer’s deposit and withdrawal order
  • Adjust customer account limits in accordance with operational needs

Risk setting

  • Set trading parameters for different trading products
  • Set up arrangements for different account groups in accordance with the company’s risk control policy

Messages Setting

  • SMS and email account setting
  • SMS and email template content setting

Report Setting

  • Statistics of company user registration volume, capital quota changes, transaction volume and other data in different dimensions
  • Historical data maintenance and preservation

Exchange Rate Setting

  • Deposit and withdrawal exchange rate configuration
  • Transaction exchange rate unified configuration

Comprehensive technical support

Focusing on the financial technology field for many years, the experienced technical team provides 7/24 hours bilingual service in Chinese and English

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